Name volume restaurant closed---must empty-plus
Auctioneer AuctionByDelphia
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 10/3/2017 - 10/19/2017
bidding ends thursday oct 19
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Checkout Date/Time sat sun and monday by apt.
Location carroll ohio on way into lancaster 6010 winchester rd take exit 143 from columbus
carrol ohio, 0H 43112
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this auction now to close thursday october 19 2017 site needs to be use planned large capacity ice makers, unique seating, exhaust hoods ( hoods only no fans), Walk in cooler freezer combo ( thermostats not present), sinks, dunnage racks,... smaller ice maker for soda fountain, plymold seat unit, chairs and tables, glass tender brand glass washer. Randell ref prep table, Smaller brand not yet known ref prep table. and other items SMALLER ITEMS CAN BE PICKED UP IN COLUMBUS ON DATES AFTER OCTOBER 25
Auction Terms & Conditions The terms for This, High Volume Restaurant and additional items, online auction are explicitly agreed to by the regeserant when clicking on agree to terms at the regestration window. The items are selling as is with no warranties expressed or implied including the suitability of that item for any particular use. EXCEPT THAT THE BUYER CAN VOID THE PURCHASE AND PAY A 10% RESTOCKING FEE IF HE/SHE IS NOT HAPPY WITH THE ITEM...BUT ONLY DURING THE FIRST 2 HOURS OF PICK UP being Friday September 20th at the Carroll e Ohio site SMALLER ITEMS CAN BE PICKED UP IN COLUMBUS ON DATES AFTER OCTOBER 2 The purchase price will be the bid price plus a 15% buyer's premium to get the final purchase price The credit card used to register will have the purchase applied to it upon pick up unless the buyer wants to pay via cash or with a different credit card if we know in advance, However the buyer expressly authorizes the auctioneer to charge the card used to register as early at 10 a..m. on the day after the auction ends, Thursday October 19, 2017 unless the buyer sends an email that he or she intends to pay cash at pick up or use a different credit card for the purchase than that which was used to regester . . All credit card purchases are done so with the buyer understanding the "as is" nature of the sale and thereby agrees to void any normal right of recession that follows with credit card purchases. That is the buyer using a credit card agrees that such use at this event is not subject to any dispute options that the buyer might otherwise have with his or her credit card issuing enitity. Pick up is for this event is Friday , Saturday , Sunday ,(more time available for the seating and walk in and ice makers if need be paul delphia auctioneer 614 267 5100 --------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Terms Of Use

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pickkup is Saturday 10 to 4 other times by apt Sunday 1 -5 other times by apt monday a WE HAVE TO BE DONE BY 54P.M. monday 614 267 5100